5 Ways to Improve your Memory: Based on Experience

My nature of work calls for intense presence of mind. Since we are in solo shift, we must oversee the flow of the operations. From people down to clients. But recently, I notice few people are having this short term memory or should I say a little “Alzheimer effect“.

How does occur? It simple, lack of mental exercise. And how to combat this one? Same.

Here are the five ways that can help (at least) reduce or might defeat your short term loss of memory:

1. Eat breakfast. I said EAT. (Early, Active, Tantalize)

People nowadays view this one as a healthy way to reduce weight and promotes healthy body. This is absolutely not true. I encountered this one when I skipped breakfast for 4 days and I felt my brain is drain like a phone who has a very low battery. But what does EAT stands for?

E is for early. Just what the old saying, early to bed, early to rise. That’s true! Cause our body needs enough energy for a hectic day. Ideal sleep time for an adult is 8 to 9 and  a half hour (but seriously, who sleep like this?). For me, due to daily loaded stuff to attend to, I sleep for 7 hours max and 5 hours (routine for me) minimum.

A is for active! How will you become active if you have empty stomach? Like I discussed earlier, NEVER Skip your meal for breakfast. Eating 3 pieces of biscuits for a head start is not advisable. Eat food that is pack with protein, potassium and vitamin C. Question, how does breakfast become its word? It’s simple, the whole word for this is “Breaking the Fast”. (since our belly is empty for 8 hours more or less).

T is for tantalize. When I wake up in the morning, I browse my twitter and read tweets from my Idol. Weird? not really, Actually it’s my habit since I began handling morning shift. Someone to inspire us, to motivate us. A nice good story I guess. Make yourself an inspired one who’s ready to share that feeling of optimism.

2. READ! READ! and lastly, READ!

Robust your brain cells with full of information inside your head. Read newspaper, books, magazines. At least 30 minutes a day will do. Or if you’re not into reading, then watch news daily. Through this, you are adding at least 1% of tiny knowledge a day! (you’re such a witty!).Never let your slimy friend fall from your nose once you asked by this: How was the GOP reacts on the fiscal cliff and what are their recommendations? ( do’nt know at all). Shame! ;P

3. Memorize! again, memorize.

At least a couple of quotes a day. It gives you a sense of retention. A famous line from a politician, or from a movie will do. Read and memorize one word from a dictionary, (so get your Webster’s  and search for a hardest word for you) and internalize the meaning. Also, you can expound your vocabulary!

4. Play Mind Games

Sudoku, Rubik cubes, Word Hunt, Hang-garoo, Q&A, Find the odds,anything that is related to memory enhancing and retention. Not only our body needs work out, our brain needs too!. What I really like is play General Knowledge Question and Answer. (biased!) it’s my personal choice.

and last, Speak and Act Immediately.

Once given  task, you don’t have to wait for the deadline, If you can do it right now then DO IT! But make sure you accomplish it properly. Speak, what you want to learn. Never be ashamed of what is your weakness, it can be reverse, swear! (if you have that willingness, again, WILLingness!)

Never be a victim of Meme A.K.A.s. or a couple of non-witty names, and please, YOLO! That means You Only Live Once so never waste your time and get that brain out and do your thing! Like what my sister always saying: Sentido Cumon.

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” 
― L.M. MontgomeryThe Story Girl

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