A-List: How Do We Spend Christmas

How do we spend christmas? Is it by means of exchanging gifts? Indulging ourselves to lavishly party gatherings? Or planning to spend a vacation outside the metro?

How do we spend christmas? Splurging on holiday sale? Rushing on the things we want to buy? Planning on what’s on the menu on the christmas eve?

How do we spend christmas? Visiting our Ninong & Ninang and ask for a gift? Satisfying ourselves by eating what we want? Or seeking affection in order not to be tag as SMP ( Samahan ng Malalamig na Pasko).

No matter how we are planning to spend our christmas, let us not forget the true meaning of it. Christmas is the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is the greatest gift that we can receive in our whole life. This is inexpensive but precious. A gift that saves from our salvation. The season of Advent is the dawn of a new hope. Let us not fall into the call of the materialistic world.

Simbang Gabis’ are the best gathering ever. Were we also spend time with Mary as we impart ourselves to Her as she was laboring for the birth of Emmanuel.

Attending the Sunday Advent Mass werein we prepare ourselves to the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
And most of all, the Day Emmanuel is born.

Lets make this season more meaningful. Reflect and witness the coming of Christ.

We would like to invite everyone to watch the gospel play entitled: Panunuluyan 2013, this coming Tuesday; December 25, 2013, 9pm at the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church Marikina. Lets spend  christmas together. And together shall witness the advent of Christ.


This is brought to you by OLA Parish Youth Ministry (PYM).


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