Joseph: The Man of Silence

We can relate to the story of Joseph, the husband of Mary. When Joseph knew that Mary is bearing a child and it is unknown to whom is the father, Joseph wanted to divorce Mary.

But one night, an angel from heaven appeared to his dream and explained that the child that Mary covers is a child from heaven and it will be called Emmanuel (God is with us). Joseph listened to the message of the angel through his dream and he follow what God has planned to his family.

The reading today told us that, most of the times in our lives,  things that happened to us are we are out of control. We cannot control what are the calamities that are heading to us. Only we can predict but we cannot totally control of what will happen. We cannot control of what challenges in our lives is heading to us.

Due to these happenings that we are out of control, we can emulate Joseph who entrust all of his doubt to God. He accept Mary wholly despite that he is not the father that Mary is covering. And he followed and listen to God’s intention.

For us to be able to know who is Joseph is, let me introduce him in a way that we can all relate. Joseph was just a ‘props’. Its like every christmas, when we received a picture of Madonna & the Child, he was not part of the picture, instead, he was the one who take the picture. He was the staff behind the scene. But because of him, we have the child Emmanuel that will save us from salvation.

We can conclude that Joseph is the Man of Silence. That SILENT is the capacity to LISTEN ( from the word Silent). Like Joseph, he entrust fully his self to God’s plan and obey the message of God to him. Because he knows that he is out of control but he also believes that God is the one who controls and knows what is just.

I may not know what future holds me, but I certainly know Who holds my future.



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