2013: A Year of Faith in Review

       The year 2013 is a test of faith and patience. With the canonization of San Pedro Calungsod this year, it reminds us of how strong is our faith as we, filipino catholics welcomes our second native saint.
       How strong is our faith? With the events happened to our nation? Countless gun shooting due to political killings, election related violence, endless political issues and more.
      As the PDAF allegations commenced last June, it  signified our strong faith to battlecry for justice and non other than truth. Is it the faith that we are united for?
    The Visayas quake that strucked in Bohol & Cebu,the Typhoon Yolanda that killed thousands and counting in Tacloban.
       Is this the faith we are holding on?
Hence, the resiliency of the Filipinos despite the calamities that strucked into our land suffice the premise of strong faith. If we are in the line of helping those in need, as much as we can help, we, even through prayers, that the faith we hold on is strong and serve as the fortress of our beliefs.

     As the year 2014 nears to commence, lets reflect and take time to look back on what we achieve and what’s our mistakes and regrets. Through this, ask yourselves, are we observing our faith to Him?

Have a fruitful 2014 ahead and be a blessing to everyone.



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