A-List: The 365 Project

I am lust in taking photos. Even though there’s no significant meaning, as long as it is eye catching,  most specially for me. For every gatherings, the food that I eat, the destinations during my travel, I am always thinking of what would be the best way to encourage myself to take pictures only for those who gives life, a meaning to everyone.

Last year, during my travel to different places, I’d never missed the opportunity of taking photos of historical places, churches or the famous landmarks. But after that, uploading the picture to my instagram account, I suddenly think of revolutionizing the way I post photos and sharing it to my friends.

There is one guy that catches my attention in making his photo clean and selective. He is Andre Drilon, who has a 1,500+ followers on his instagram account. I admire his sense of taking photos of his leisure and aside of taking pictures of his dog. Though it sounds basic, but he only applies a simple filter and a white border to the subject.

Another one that inspires me to do this project is the Techrap Anchor, Michael Josh Villanueva. Since the start of the year, he posted photos with deeper sense of appreciation. By giving meaning to it. Also, Rappler inspires me to put up some quotes in the picture that’s why I put a quotes on every photo.

This 365 Project also teaches me to limit my post to instagram. By means of only meaningful photos can be uploaded to my account ( others which I decided to upload whether its on facebook or twitter acct.)

Its a way of self- discipline, an etiquette of socilaizing with others.

And so many reasons not needed to enumerate cause basically you know it.






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