A-List: Sto. Niño, the Emblem of Humility and Childish

Today, I attended the mass dedicated to the celebration of the feast of Sto. Niño. It was the  Philippines, among other countries to officially dedicate a day for the feast Señor Sto. Niño by the Vatican. Rooting from the spanish colonial history, is the reason for entitling the country for this nationwide.

The celebration was full of fun and play as many churches held a ‘palaro para sa mga bata’ (games for children). Also, the procession of dfferent version of Niños added to this flambouyant feastivities.

First, I am skeptic of the festivities, I am looking for the importance and sense of having this celebration. I don’t know who is Sto. Niño is. All I know is that he is the version of the child Jesus. Until I found out the true meaning of it.

Yes, I was right that Sto. Niño is the representation of the child Jesus. It was a gift from Portuguese conqueror Magellan in 1521 given to Rajah Humabon.  Since then, it spreads out throughout the island and having different versions of Sto. Niño. Having this variety of Niños, I somehow doubt, is it the true meaning of faith?

Until I learned from mass that this Niños, is the emblem of humility and childish.

The child Jesus Christ reminds us of our childhood days. Playful, simple and happy with the things that  we have. In short, we are contented. As we grow up, the rigors for having a gallant life, luxurious living by means of having unwanted things keeps us away from being humble. We keep looking ahead for what the world can offer. We keep asking for more. We keep running away from self- contentment. In which we omit important things in life. The Sto. Niño is the symbol of a child who knows the meaning of happpy with the things that he have. A child who knows the meaning of contentment.

Sto. Niño is childish. In a sense that, He knows how to discover happiness & contentment. That is why this festivities is dedicated to the childrens. Playful and just enjoying the life without asking for more.

A variety of Niños represents different sides of us. An emblem of humility and childish. And that is what you call the true meaning of faith.



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