A-List: Those were the Days

I am grateful working with such team whose dedication and patience are tested throughout the years. Last night, I met two of my former colleagues. First, we start our conversation with ‘kumustahan’ or how they are currently doing. Yes, changes, and developments are still there. The revamps, upgrades and a bit of personal issues are still on the mainstream. And as we go along to the discussion, I got the opportunity to ask, how’s my former store doing? As a surprise, the one who took my position to that store are now on fire on some alleged issues on running the operations. It glance to my mind that there is something wrong by the way the management sees the glitch.
This week, I am one of the speaker in a summit intended to area supervisors. My topic was all about Substandard Performance. The topic that was given to me provides me the idea of dealing people with negative outputs to their work.
I remember the day when I was summoned to discuss the status of my store in terms of managing the day to day operations.
I know they have rants against me. They asked me questions lambasting my behavior towards work. I admit that I have faults. Then they demoted me from Officer In Charge down to a regular manager.
However, after I learn that there are proper ways of dealing people with such poor performance. This is called Challenging Substandard Performance. It is a tool of communicating and identifying the performance of a person whose output delivered are not in accordance to the said standards of the company. Unfortunately, to my case, all of there accusations are solely based on rumors without validating its authenticity. And without applying this tool (CSP), they gave me sanctions without further scrutiny. I also learned that, after I leave my previous job, there are small talks that they regret putting me as the Officer in Charge. Now, the ball is in the current manager who are handling my former store. Unfortunately, the scenario of the issue was so much alike to my case before.
I cannot provide more details on how to handle this case and how to apply the CSP. They are mature enough to this case. And I believe they can handle this case more professionally than to my case. I want to end this blog into a piece of advice, that goes:

Performance, not the person is our problem. There is a big difference with him as a problem against his performance. In resolving this problem, it is us and the person against his performance. Take note that we must not subjective on the matter but we must objective in questioning the person. And in the end, we will achieve a positive relationship with the person.


Those were the days anyway.


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