A-List: Commuter’s Etiquette

  I think this is the time to take action..or not? We know for a fact that being a commuter is a stressful, boring, and sometimes, irritating. There are noises, heavy traffic, and to top it all, pollution. The air pollution that blankets the metro. The pettiness of vehicles, the gridlocks of mammoth cars,buses, etc and the grayish, thin smog were among the daily dilemmas of a commuter.
      But have you notice that there are some things that we make us more mad everyday? Aside from the above mentioned factors, there are also a rising concern on how we deal with other commuters.
     Have you experienced these?

1. When you are off the jeep seated near the the driver then someone rides in, though you are few meters away from him, he will suddenly ask you to: ” Bayad po!” And as your response, you will get the fare full of effort to reach it then at the back of my mind you are mad.

2. Some jeep are not much bigger. So, other passenger sometimes, if they are cramming, they will accidentally step on your shoes or worse, on your feet if you are wearing slippers then you will hear nothing like Sorry.

3. One of my irritating experience that I believe you can relate. When someone said: “Para” then that person is seating at the rear end of the jeepney and you are sitting third from the end and the second didnt move backward then suddenly another passenger comes in and seated on the rear end.

4. When you are in the middle seated and someone shouts: “Paabot po ng bayad”. And after that, he will not say thanks or atleast salamat.

  These are the few examples of irritating experiences for a commuter. How to deal with it?
      First, we must know how to makiramdam. The first rule when you are riding a jeep or bus. When someone is too far from you, don’t bother that person anyway. Instead, act yourself. Get closer to the driver to pass your fare.
      Second, we must also know how to umunawa (sympathy) Know your seatmate. If she is old, or disabled, let be seated near at the exit so he or she be alighted smoothly.
      Third, as one of the common rule, respeto (obedience). There is no need to elaborate this one.
      I remember the mobile game, ‘Dumb ways to Die’. And I believe to the song of this game that goes:

“So many dumb ways to die.”




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