A-List: Dealing with Sleethed & Pettiness One

      It is hard to be with the people whom I thought that I can be at ease. This week, I experienced the most painful and humiliating moment of my life. I know that I had encountered this many times wayback to my previous work. But this time, its a different whole thing.
      Once I was humiliated by my boss infront of  my colleagues. That moment was a wake up call for me. I defy his order but I have my reason. After that, my relationship with my boss is on the rock. And also, my view on my co-workers turned into doubts and loss of confidence.
        I was totally wrong. Those sleething, pettiness and grotesque back stubbing were had been part of the practices inside our office. Its like we are in a forest, where the animal kingdom rules, the prey-predator cycle prrvails and the fittest survives.
     It glance me one thing after what happened to me. I must be more wiser than them. In a professional and sophisticated manner. Never spill out ideas or reactions if they didnt ask or if they, Ill make it straightforward.
     Lesson that must learned startinf today is that:

” Keep an eye to your enemies;
   Keep an ear to your friends;
   And keep their mouth shut.
  (If you know what I mean).



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