A-List: Pursuing the Dream

      If you are a dreamer, then how you can make it come true?
     If you want to be someone who has everything in life? Then can you manage to sacrifice something that is valuable for you?
     If you want to feel comfort for the rest of your life, will you take the pains and struggles ahead of you?

    Sometimes, we envy those people who gained much success in terms of career, properties, social life, educational attainment, travel across the globe, promotion and more.
      People gain and at the same time, they lose. They gain these success due to hardships and sacrifices. They lose some things that become their comfort zones.
       Being on a top of the mountain is not as easy as you think. They can use a helicopter to witness the beauty of the mountain side instead of hiking for a longer time. But for those, the glory of achieving the goal ( to be on top of the mountain) is like hitting two birds with one stone. Through hardships, and the priceless view of the top. It was well paid off in double.
      There is no such thing as shortcuts. That is why there is always shortcomings. If we take the easiest way to reach the top, it will not pave the way to achieve more higher.
       I have this thoughts that runs through my mind. I want to take up Masters, its either in economics or political science. And I already know for a fact that many, even my work will be affected by this one if I pursue this. Many factors that needs to consider. And things to sacrifice.
     I know its a tough one to decide. But when shall I start? When to decide? It ends upon me. Rather I’ll stay in this situation (status quo) or take the leap for my future.



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