Life Story: Alone, Lovelessness, Painful

  I, once in a while, realized how cold being alone sometimes. People is searching the  whole life looking for their partner. Everyone deserves to be love. And at this point in time, I feel that lonesomeness.
  I met this guy who I was mesmerised. I was caught by his eyes. I cannot forget the guy who, just a glimpse of a jiffy, I was hypnotized by his charm. His eyes were like talking to me. He introduced him self by saying the spelling of his first name. That’s the time he caught my attention. But I’m stucked in a feeling of he doesn’t like me.
     There are points in my life that I’m afraid to fall in love. I’m afraid to be rejected. And I strongly believe that he will also reject me.
  I am not the type of a guy who will make move. Cause I dont know how to do it. And besides, my ever fearful momentum, is when the time he will leave me.
  Truly, love is tragic, painful and full of misery. I like him but I guess he didnt like me. And it really breaks my heart. I guess this is how my life goes. Forever alone, hopeless and cold.


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