Solo Traveler: Infanta & Real, Quezon

   Lying at the coastal area of Quezon province, the Infanta and Real offers a distinctive taste of the southern. From magnificient beaches, their very own suman or rice cakes, to their historical cathedral.
    But, the beauty of the province, hides a tragic event. Typhoon Winnie lambasted Quezon including Gen. Nakar, Infanta and Real in 2004. Killing hundreds of people and leaving the province wreaked havoc. One of my friend told me that he was there when the tragedy happened. It was about 15-20 feet the height of the flood that submerged the area.
    I can’t imagine how horrific the aftermath.
    Its been nine years since the tragedy happened. And the province had moved on. I was tasked to visit the place. It takes 5 hours from Manila to Infanta. You will bypass through Antipolo, Teresa, Baras, Morong, Tanay & Pililia, Rizal. Then Mabitac, Siniloan & Famy, Laguna.
     You will also see the Laguna Bay from the hillside. Since the road towards Quezon were roads beside the mountain ridges.
   First to welcome you in Quezon is Real. It offers magnificient beaches. The blue seas and a bit of whitr sands. Unfortunately, I have a warped shot of the beach and its from afar.


I also visited Infanta Cathedral or known as St. Mark Cathedral



   It was once a ground for casualties from the devastating floods happened in 2004.
   And, to surprise you, There is no Jollibee nor McDonalds or KFC there. In short, no common resto there! But, Infanteños were proud to introduce you there very own fine restaurant. I was endorsed to their Queen Cakes. The  only restaurant in place.


It offers variety of food from brugers to rice meals to pasta. Price starts at P 55.00.

    Also, I was informed that April 25 is their Tulingan Festival. I also heard that April 22 is their Farmer’s Day where you can purchase  fresh fruits and vegetables for as low as P10.00.
     As of now, the area is said to be a rural area since there had no major establishments there as we have here in metro. But, there are news that there is an island owned by Manny Pacquiao and Manny Villar and it was an exclusive island. It was called Balasing Island.
    There were also rumors that Infanta will be having a Grand Terminal for buses and for tourist.
Another rumor that make Infanteños abuzzed was the proposed Baler- Infanta connecting road. Since it was not that far from each other. It is the sign of stretching out for urbanization of the place? We still dont know yet and we will find out this coming months or years.


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