A-List: Different Types of Friends

   For those, who are asking the same as I am. Yes, there are different types of friends. You can easily determine who they are. From the momentum of your happiness to the  dawn of your sadness.
    But we cannot blame them if they treat you like that. Like most of the theories, there are different levels of friendship.
    Here are the different types of friends. Note that you can have them all or few. Lets rate them accdg to your  judgment. If these types of friends makes you valuable, you can rate them as 10 out of 10. Meaning 10 is the highest score that you can rate.

The Outgoing Friends: They are the one who like much of adventure, travel, outing, and leisure. Its like they are with you only when you have a group gathering. I, most of the time have this type of friends. We have a group that we converge every saturday and we play badminton on weekends. Sometimes, we plan to go out of town, group dinner, church hopping etc. Personally, I rate this type of friend a seven (7). Because not most of the time, they are with you. Most specially, in time of your despair and sadness.

  Second, the Foodie Friend: No wonder why you have so much photos of the food you eat on instagram. Sometimes, you become a gastronomer, up for some food adventure, a critic of whats in the plate game. I admit, I am a foodie. That is why, when it comes to a unique, authentic resto in town, I am the best person to ask. But, like the outgoing friends, they are there in times of happiness. Who the hell will enjoy the sumptuous meal? After a long day of work, sometimes, we ask our friends to join us to have dinner. We take pictures, we shared stories, updates, and we enjoy eating of what we call the gastronomical marvel of a resto.
I personally rate this as eight (8). Because most of the time, this type of friends are the one that we are comfortable to be with. You can express more of yourself to them. Exposing your little dirty secrets and most of the time, hillarious stories. In short, in time of despair and sadness, they are, most of the time, is there to console you.
Third, the I will be there friends: Most often, I experienced pain and loneliness. Due to stress from work, family and sometimes, even friends. This type of friend is the most loyal yet expecting to do the same to them once they are in the status of depression or lonesome. There was a time that I encountered my greatest upset (yes, for me, its the greatest). And who doesnt need a friend during this time? A friend that you can lean on, can cry on their shoulder (waah, is that a lyrics from a song?). We need someone who can share our emotions, our stories of our downfall, the rough roads we encountered and most of the time, the surrendereness we’ve done in the midst of the challenge. This type of friend, doesnt hesitate to listen to your stories, and will support you in the end. They are the liberator of the positive thinking and outlook in life. For me, I rate this as nine (9). Because you will never know who’s your true friends until you plummet.
The fourth one, the Colleague friends: This type of friends can be viewed as corporate friends. If you are working in a office type, and you have these set of friends whom you are with, eight hours a day, five or six days a week. As their friend, they are expecting you to behave professionally during working hours, have some little laughs and chats during office hours. And during break, you tend to share your dine in table with them sharing some grapevines and gossips from your office. Most of this type of friend is neophyte, we cannot trust them fully due to the fear of it might stub you or may left you anytime. I rate this as five (5).
The fifth, the virtual friends: No wonder why most of the interactions with your friends happens through different social media platforms. Like facebook, twitter, instagram, wechat, viber, skype, there are no reason why we cannot communicate with our friends. In this age of booming technology, we spent much of our time facing our computers or mobile devices and we communicate through these gadgets. The virtual friends, are the ones with the most active lifestyle in cyber space. They interact with you via comments to your posts, liking your photos or status, retweeting your tweets etc. The danger of this media is that, they didnt get the real score of the stories. They tend to give rants, criticizing your post and most of the time, they easily provide a conclusion without further scrutiny. For me, I give them three (3).

These type of friends are based on my experiences. You will probably notice that I rate nine (9) the I Will Be There Friend type because most of the time, I experienced lonesome.
It depends on how you view your friends. If some of my types of friends I created are suited to your point of view, then I think this opinionated piece of blog is somewhat, somewhere is true.
I would like to end this blog with a saying that I believe everybody can relate:

“Tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are.”


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