Life Story: “Food” for Thought

  Of all she sees during her trip in New York, only one thing she (Mother Teresa) noticed. The garbage can. Then all people started to wonder and asked:
“Why trash bin?” Then Mother Teresa replied:” Food wastages. Your trash bins are full of left over food. That these left over can feed thousands of people in Africa.”
   A simple yet striking story that everyone can relate. I am a self proclaimed foodie. And food for me is a comfort to my soul. Whenever I’m stress, or a simple pleasure to satisfy my cravings. But I noticed that I am not that type of person who do left over to my plate. I usually notice some people who orders much of what they can eat and in the end, it results to left over. You might wonder why I haven’t dine into restaurants with Eat All You Can concept. For two reasons:

1. Its pricey. Paying more for what you can only eat. Having said that this statement is true enough to suffice the premise of we are paying for grandeur gastronomical marvel in plates and yet we cant finish eating them in one seating. It is simple, Eating to these place is not practical and not (never) a wise one.

2. Left overs is equal to food wastages. Just imagine the childrens of Africa. Imagine how children died because of malnutrition. If these left overs will collate and scanned by health bureaus to validate the safetiness to consume, we can feed the people of Africa. Many people died due to starvation. Hunger is one of many problems around the world. If we cannot apply the discipline into ourselves, we might end up like we are the food wasters and we are not helping people in anyway.

This I think leads to a question:” What is your contribution to alleviate this problem?”

Today, August 7,2014 Filipinos here in Metro Manila and nearby provinces laments the stock out of chickenjoy. The hashtag chickensad (derived from chickenjoy) sparks through different social media platforms. I remember how this famous Filipino pride chickenjoy brings happiness into our customers. It brings excitement for kids due to its superior taste. But, the happiness it brings doesnt end there. The meat sticked to the bones of chickenjoy (who treated them as food wastage) serves as the meal for the needy. They call it ‘pagpag’. For some, its already a rubbish, but for the needy, its like the food from heaven. “Naka Jollibee kana din!”that’s how they feel when they are eating pagpag.

So, lets go back to the question. What will be your contribution to help those who are starving?

It is truly that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Let us consider others. Share a little. In that way, we contribute.


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