A-List: Just Wait to be Found

   I was saddened and disheartened knowing that someone is against you. And knowing that person was once you trust, now the one who distracts.  Its a lame and shame to know that, in despair, someone will destroy your relationship with others.
    Having this agony in my mind, a heavy thoughts in my heart brings me into tears. But, I know, that God will never let me down. That is why Im still holding onto Him.
   I remember, once Cardinal Tagle was a guest speaker in one of the exclusive university in Manila. He told a story that everytime, people comes to him and said:” I feel lost.” Then he will say:” Just wait to be found.”
I know that there are times that we might feel at lost, we are in searching for  the truth, we seek knowledge and we sought refuge. But God never surrender to find us. He is looking for us too. Just trust in His own time.



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