A-List: Do not Worry

   What a long and exhausting day. Thank God, I came home early. And I had a chance to talk to my Mama and Papa. We had laughs, sensible talks. They asked me how am I doing, and I asked them the same way. Its like its been a while talking to them seriously. Its like, all my burden that I carried was released in a span of the moment. Mixed with emotions and control.
   I know, I said something to my Mama that was hurtful (this is something to do with my offer to finance their business). She was so defensive. I know that it was hurtful but for me, though there are points that I felt bad done that, but telling what’s my true feeling might have some relieve for both of us. I said, we have to take the risk, besides, whenever it may lose, its my lose not theirs. Do not pre judge that this would not be feasible, lets try.
   I remember the gospel reading today and last Sunday. It speaks of proliferating what God gave us, what God gave to you. I offered  capital for my Mama and Papa’s plan to have a business last summer. I said to them, I am willing to finance whatever business they want. But all I hear was what if’s, it’s not okay’s, etc. Until this night, the memories of that day relive with this conversation. I was like a child, fronting everything that they were the one who hesitate to do it.
   I tried not to cry nor to show any emotional facial expression.
I was hurt too. At last, and at least, in an anecdote of our conversation, my sudden burst of emotion spills and it was kind of a relieve.
   But, I know, before this passage ends, I admit that I have mistakes too. And I want to talk to God about it. I ask for the forgiveness of God. I humbly ask to Him, lead me to what He wants me to become. And enlightened my parents to seek You whenever they feel lost. For I dont have to worry because I know, You are with me. Amen.


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