A- List: How Can We Help The Poor? A Challenge to All Christians

  “Do you feel their hands? When you give them alms” … a lyrics from Jamie Rivera’s song and Papal Visit 2015’s official song We Are All Gods Children. The Year of the Poor commenced this month. It centers on dealing with the needy and how can we serve them righteously. But there are questions that somehow, we need to respond with. How can we help the poor? Is it righteous to spare them dimes? How can we identify if they are in need of our help? What kind of help does they need? These are the challenges we are facing as the theme for this year focuses on the needy.
  As a catholic, the challenge for us nowadays lies between spiritual dryness and basic human needs. Does these people (the poor) encounters God in their daily living? If not, how can we enlightened them and do evangelization to these people? Through divine work and helping them to overcome poverty, how we would apply such ideas?
   There are several non government organizations that helps the needy to alleviate them from poverty by providing them such fundamental human needs. But not all of them, unlike the church, helps them to promote self- confidence, moral values and spiritual guidance.
   The Church serves as the home for those who are suffering from poverty. When we say poverty, it can be expressed in many ways. Like depression at work or stress, infidelity, lack of support or comfort, etc. But this year’s theme focuses more on the poor literally. If we, like for those who can eat meals thrice per day, who can sleep in a bed and sleep well, who has home and can rest well,who are also suffering poverty in a different way, who knows how to solve such; then we can also help those who are in need. By means of prayer and action.
  To pray that may we help those who are in need and to participate in an outreach programs or any activity provided by the catholic church or group of people that aims not only to provide basic needs but also, to provide spiritual guidance through evangelization.

I remember what Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI once said:

Faith is not just informative;
  It is performative.”


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