A-List: San Pedro Bautista Parish

It was once, a name of a place for me. Where my office is located, where I usually misquoted as part of Bulacan (because the name sounds like San Jose del Monte) and nothing to wonder about the place. Until I saw a banner along Quezon Avenue about this place. It was named after a Franciscan martyr called Peter Baptist.

SAN PEDRO BAUTISTA: Born in Avila, Spain.

So I started to wonder, who is San Pedro Bautista? First, I asked myself whether St. Peter the Apostle and San Pedro Bautista is the same. But I was wrong. Back when I reached my office, I immediately conducted research about facts and life of San Pedro Bautista and where is his church situated. St. Peter Baptist was a Franciscan Missionary sent to Philippines and Mexico. He was the one who built the church in San Francisco del Monte in Quezon City. It was dedicated for Our Lady of Monticelli in 1590 and later on it was named as Santuario de San Pedro Bautista (Archdiocesan Shrine) under the Diocese of Cubao.

SANTUARIO DE SAN PEDRO BAUTISTA: 69 San Pedro Bautista, Brgy. Paltok, SFDM, QC

St. Peter Baptist was persecuted along with 26 catholics in Nagasaki, Japan. That period, all christians were persecuted and they are one of those who are crucified as means of death. Peter Baptist was canonized by Pope Pius IX.



The nave of the Parish.


The statue of St. Peter Baptist.




MURAL: Can be seen from the right wing of the church.

Here above the photo is a mural of St. Peter Baptist and below him is the first look of the Parish.


St. Peter Baptist’s Feast Day is February 6 or nearest Sunday to the latter date. Quezon City holds its 'Pedrista Festival' dedicated to the Franciscan Saint from January 27 to February 8.


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  1. Dear Arvin,
    Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing. God bless,

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