A-List: Viva Hesus Nazareno! Viva OLA!

   Marikeños, especially the devotees will, once again bear witness the Black Nazarene of Quiapo for the 6th time as the century old image will brought to the Shoe Capital. Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno will visit the city this forthcoming of last week of January (January 30) until February 3. The said event will take place first from its nest (Quiapo Church) then will brought first to San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel in Marikina.

BLACK & RED: NPJN and the devotees. (Photo taken last January of 2013)

  It was evident that this century old image of the Black Nazarene attracts millions of Filipino people every year as they are conducting a yearly ‘traslacion’ in Manila that took place every 9th day of January. Marikina will have its own traslacion for the sixth time. People, most especially the devotees of Hesus Nazareno are expected to participate in the 5 day activities of the church. Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish will be His (NPJN) home for five days. For more of the schedule of activities, please see the photo below. Viva Hesus Nazareno! Viva Mama OLA!


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