A-List: Prayer, the Compass of Our Lives

How often we pray? How we pray? In today’s world where people are too much busy of many things. The question is how do they manage their lives spiritually. Should it be a challenge to us that we pray everyday? According to a global survey, 96% of the people are sleeping with their mobile phones beside their bed. An alarming statistics that we cannot deny. Most of the time, we value more things than any other important things.
   Prayer is the communication with God. It is our daily chat with our Lord. People nowadays provides more luxury time for gossips, news that are not relevant, etc. We spent hours watching online films at night. We squander time and we do not see its values.
   Lets make it a habit. Pray. Pray and Pray. When we are worried, afraid, undecided, mad, all we have to do is pray. For it is the connection, a wireless fidelity (wi-fi), a broadband to God. For it is (time) the compass of our lives.
   When Cardinal Tagle and Pope Francis had a private conversation in Vatican before the Pontiff visit the Philippines, Cardinal Tagle  said to the Pope:” You must take a rest, you deserve a rest. You are too busy and no time for yourself.” Then Pope said to Cardinal Tagle:” I have plenty of rest. When I wake up by 4:30 in the morning, I spent one hour praying, then when I do Holy Eucharist, and in the evening, I spent one hour praying. That is my rest. I am resting with God. And I don’t want to take that away from me.”
   Today, let us pray hard, in the midst of our busyness, in the midst of the storm. Amen.

Our Lady of Lourdes

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