A-List: From Shrine to Basilica- Our Lady of Manaoag

  Filipino piety, especially the devotees of Our Lady of Manaoag is celebrating as the Shrine of Our Lady of Holy Rosary in Manaoag Pangasinan will be elevated as Minor Basilica. Granted by His Holiness, Pope Francis, the said title to the church will take place to the latter and there will be a solemn mass on February 17, 2015 followed by a procession.


The history of the church can be traced back in 1590 when a man was heading home, he heard a lady’s voice and he looked around the place and saw the Virgin Mary atop on a tree with Her right hand holding a rosary and a child on Her left side. The man who witness the miracle spread his encounter and the community decided to build a chapel on that place in 1610. The church was first handled by Augustinians then was transfered its spiritual leadership to Dominican in 17th Century. The ivory image was sent to the country by Padre Juan San Jacinto from Spain via Acapulco.


It was canonically crowned in April 21, 1926 through the Papal Nuncio. It was Pope Pius XI who give the title as canonically crowned. Its Diamond Jubilee was celebrated in January 1, 2000. The  feast of Our Lady of Manaoag is celebrated every third Sunday of Easter and in October as the Universal Feast.


  The pilgrim church, the soon Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Manaoag serves as the gateway and blessing stop before heading to the north. Our Lady of Manaoag, pray for us!



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