A-List: Lent is P.R.A.Y.

  The word lent came from the old german word which means ‘spring’. It signifies refreshness, renewal and recollection in spiritual sense. It is the season of opportunity, to refresh our thoughts, our mindset on how we can truly connect to God. It is also the season of forgiveness, to renew  oneselves and having a petition to pardon ourselves from our sins. And, it is also the season to reflect. In a deeper sense of knowing Jesus Christ.
   This season of lent, how far does we commemorate the passion of Jesus Christ? For some reason, it is just to come up with a brief yet meaningful reminder of lent. And I called it as P.R.A.Y.
    P is to Penance. Repent and acknowledge our sins. Acknowledge our own weaknesses and fears. Let ask God for forgiveness that He may intercedes to us that everything that we are doing is for the benefit of everyone. By means of His pardon, may we encounter regaining of faith that is loyal and exemplary.
    R is for Reflect. Christ is reminding us to pray and by means of it, we are reflecting on what we have done. Its a recollection of our pieces that binds us as one. God collates and connects the pieces of you, the pieces of everyone to make us complete by means of seeking His intervention.
    A is to Act. The season of lent reminds us that we must do abstinence and fasting in order for us to grow spiritually. We are one in Christ during this time who suffers. To act is to give. Help those in need, share what you can spare whether it is emotional or spiritual. People sometimes needs to be understand, they need someone to talk, someone who are willing to lend their ears. Do not hesitate if someone will ask you that favor.
   And last, Y is to Yearn. Learn to yearn. Longing for Jesus is longing for one self. We have so many questions about ourselves and yet we are still keep asking why is this happening to me? Why do I have to be in this situation? Why should I care? The answers to that questions lies by yearning to God. Because God knows the answer and that is why, God is the Answer.
    To end this passage, I just want to reiterate that we can successfully do these by binding it with “Prayers.” Lent is nothing if we do not P.R.A.Y.



Arvin Valencia


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