A-List: Ora et Labora

Let’s not treat people like commodities!”


When we heard the good news of the reprievement of Mary Jane Veloso from execution, we woked up in a Wednesday morning full of optimism and gratefulness. Miracles do happen! God works overtime and ‘overnight’ literally. While we are asleep, the news came in in the middle of the night about the delay of the execution of Mary Jane Veloso. It comes with the strong prayer of people who converged to pray unceasingly until to the final hour of the scheduled execution.
  The case of Mary Jane Veloso can be a lesson learned for all of us. Let us condemn human trafficking. As what Cardinal Tagle said in a homily last year during the celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday: Stop treating people like commodities! People are God’s creation and from God who will recall His children in His own time.
  To work is to love. By means of labor, it boars fruit of compassion, unselfishness and love. People seek to provide needs of their loved ones, but some are taking this as an advantage of fooling people’s lives.
  To work is to pray. People who do not work shall not eat. As what a verse goes from the bible. When we work, we enrich people’s lives. But we must take note that it must accompanied by praying. With His Divine Intervention, we cannot make solutions into day to day demand of our job. With Divine Providence, God provides the needs of our families, our loved ones. The fruit of labor is coated with prayer.
  To work is to dedicate it to God. God provided us six days to dip into our work but God also give us the seventh day to rest with Him. Attending holy mass is a must for us, catholics every Sunday.
  Work and prayer comes together. Today, the world becomes more hungry–for the latest technologies, luxurious living, splurging, etc. In return, many people suffers. In effect, there are modern day slavery, sweat shop treatment, and human trafficking.
   It is a challenge to us, a calling to fight this maladies. Let us work towards the alleviation of people’s lives. And ask for His guidance and intercession.


Arvin Valencia


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