Lafang: The Commoners at the Capitol Commons

The Commoners! Cozy and relaxing at Sentro 1771.

  A day after I flew back from my eight (8) day non-stop travel in Visayas, I believe I deserve a break! Hehe. So I invited these two gorgeous ladies above to chill and hang out with me last Saturday. In the midst of the 3-day sale madness, we managed to meet at the heart of the buzzling lights of the city, the Capitol Commons.
  This place is eco-friendly. An oasis in the heart of the busy streets of Metro Manila. The place were full of restaurants to dine and to unwind, a place to relax and to have some chit- chat with friends.


Our first stop, Sentro 1771.


One of the talk of the town here in Capitol Commons, this fine dine resto offers a unique twist of Filipino cuisine. If you are gastronomically adventurous, then this place suits to your wild tongue.

FEIGNING: For the sake of the art. Haha!

Their best seller is Sinigang na Corned Beef. Featured on POP Talk, Sinigang na Corned Beef is a mixed of Filipino famed Sinigang replacing pork with beef and this time, corned beef! But we decided to order the minorities on the menu.


     This appetizer are made up of diced carrots and chorizo. Looks like a spring rolls but of course, with a twist!


  Ever heard of Red Vegetarian Rice? Well, at Sentro, it is one of the most common rice ordered in the menu. It is pack of flavors and ingredients too! As what the other people says, “Kanin pa lang, ulam na!” And that describes this rice.


If you think that this is pochero, then you got it right. This is pochero with three kinds of meat: pork, chicken, and beef. It is cooked with the same ingredients like what you can munch on the typical one, with pork and beans, cabbage, bananas, string beans etc.


    Savored with diced mangoes, tofus, the diced chicken steals the game.


And of course, no one ever enjoy a hang out without selfies and selfies!




After dinner, we decided to stroll around and relaxed, laid back on the grass.


And we capped the night with a zipped and sliced at Starbucks.
   There is so much to try at Capitol Commons in terms of restos. If you are on a food crawl, I highly recommend this place as an alternative.


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