Lagalag: Viva San Isidro Labrador!

  Having no decent sleep from my flight, I woked up early to attend the mass dedicated to San Isidro Labrador. His feast day is May 15. The said festivities were so famous in Lucban, Quezon where hundreds of tourists are flocking in the streets to witness the colorful celebration. But I decided not to pursue my itinerary with my best friend to go to Lucban since I came from a long travel.   But still, I made it a point that I will celebrate the festivities here in my home town. And so, together with my friend, we attended the morning mass at the historical church in Brgy. Jesus de la Peña.


Abound with leafy and greeny vegetables and fruits, the facade of this chapel is an invitation to coe and visit the place.


  What makes San Isidro Labrador a Saint? According to his biography, San Isidro is a father, a farmer and a faithful one for what he believes in. He believes in Christ that every morning, before heading to the farm, he offer prayers and kneeled before God in the church. And there is one incident werein as he walk towards the farm, there is an angel doing his job to harvest the fruit of his labor. Even the owner of the land witnessed this miracle. That even at the time of death, There is an angel in the farm working for San Isidro Labrador.







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