Lagalag: Sto. Niño de Tacloban

El Capitan: Reposed in Retablo.

Long ago, there was a story of an image of Sto. Niño that believed that was ashore to the sea of Leyte. The coming of the image brings cure as the time of his discovery, an outbreak of cholera from the province diminished. Since then, it was believe that this Sto. Niño brought aids and  prosperities to the Taclobanons. This is the El Capitan of Leyte, the Sto. Nino de Tacloban.


The Sto. Niño de Tacloban has three (3) images:

El Capitan (The one reposed in retablo).
El Tiniente (Under the care of Hermano for the year).
El Sarhiento (Under the care of Hermanito for January Feast).


April 2015, the miraculous image visited the hard hit areas/ barangay wreaked havoc by Typhoon Yolanda.
It becomes a traditional pilgrim since 1990’s. June 30 is the feast day of the El Divino Niño of Tacloban.





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