A-List: God is ‘Now’ Here

  Oftentimes I thought that I may not fully living the christian life. Because I was easily attracted to the worldly calling and charm of happiness that sometimes can be found in material things like foods, gadgets, the social media and travelling. There comes a point in my life that I thought that I was fully detached from God for a day. When I am on a business trip and it was scored on a Sunday, the usual thing was that I didn’t make it to the mass.
   When I am with friends, with the youthful vigor wanted to have fun and happiness, I feel that I am no contact with God. When I am in a restaurant and devourly eating my pricey food, I have that feeling that I forgot God. And worst feeling that I have encountered, when I am in the boarding area, 20 minutes before flight, I have this feeling that I should turn back and do not pursue my itineraries.
   My heart, my soul, feels, it departed from God. Everytime that I am not in communion, everytime that I have done something not worthy to God, it feels that I withdrew myself from Him. To the point that I convinced myself that God is nowhere. But that feelings of worrysome creates incompleteness.
  But God creates happiness. God creates choices. God chooses us to do such task and challenge us unto what extent does we love Him. The career of  flying to different destinations gives us the sense of searching the meaning of life, and does, searching for God. God never leaves us. He stays with us. Wherever we go, He chooses us to stay with Him. That’s the assurance that I received when I travelled into different places. Through the physical presence of churches, friends, events that leads us to God. It is with our own choice whether to keep God in our minds and soul. It is true that the worldly appeal to us sometimes lead us into senseless motions, notions and actions. But if we put God in every path we take, We are on the right way of enjoying the happy christian life.
   We think that sometimes God is hiding from us, but He is with us all the time. We feel that God is not with us, but He is behind us, guiding us to our next destination. We act like there is no divinely intervention but God knows that  your action is right and He made way for your success.
  Remember, God never leaves us. God is now here. God is in our mind, heart and soul. Amen.


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2 thoughts on “A-List: God is ‘Now’ Here

  1. God is not nowhere. God is now here! I love the play of words! Nakaka-bless na sharing, Arvin! Keep on writing God’s messages to you! God bless! 😀

    1. Thanks Kring! Ngayon lang ulit nakapagsulat. Hehehe.

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