A-List: God’s Gift

    People sometimes feels that God left them, let them be astray and never received help in times of despair, conflict and desolation. We tend to feel that God does not exist in the brink of our life’s tough times. Is there any place in our heart that God fills? Are we forekeep the word of God?
   Nowadays, the recurring traffic that causes horrendous losses in terms of economic activities brought in effect everyday. How such one can say that this is an indicator of economic growth when it causes billions of pesos due to unreached deals? The taxation in every ways that people suffers. The fruits of labor of our OFW before it reaches to our loved ones needs to pay certain amount of taxes, need to enter a random inspection, is this the law that God made for human welfare?
   Does the politicians keep us in the loop of false promises, laws that were meant not be passed, implemented, laws that promotes pro- upper class and does not promote welfare to the poor?
   If we look in today’s readings, God’s gift is the salvation of human society. Does it promotes peace and love. The gift that installed to our deepest part of our heart. An internal, built-in grace that empowers good deeds.
  The law of God is a gift that promulgates welfare to the people. A wise and intelligent law of the nation. Have we fully abide these laws that God has made? How we can relate such laws of God to our laws that exists today? Does it promotes peace? Does it promotes love and care to the poor? If our laws are aligned with God’s commandments, no one shall worry that they are alone and not caressed.

  Do we listen to the cry of the people who needs our help?  Do we keep our promises to the people? A promise is a gift that meant not to be broken. Let us put our words into action in everyday lives. Everyone is called to be saints even in a small way. Indeed, the sanctity, through good deeds is a sign that we are following the commandments of God. It is not enought that we go to the eucharist and not keeping the word of God to ourselves. Instead, spread the good news of the Lord, the promise that God has made, a gift of salvation that says we should never be worrysome, God is with us everyday.


If we look into our company policies, civil laws, etc, if we zoom into the meaning of it, does it leads us to God? Does it emulates the good things that God did during his earthly life? Jesus Christ, provides us an insight of what an earthly life means. If we follow God’s commandments, from our hearts, it nourishes, bountifully. Imploring the word of God and putting it into action is an internal manifestation of kindness and love.

Let us remember, the external manifestation that is intended for self-indulgence, is from a heart that let the evil grows from their heart. Let the word of God implanted to our heart. It is a priceless gift that we can share. An eternal gift that we can amass.


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