10 Reasons: Loving Mama OLA is Loving God too.

    The faithfuls and devotees gathered for the celebration of the 10th Canonical Coronation Anniversary of the Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados de Mariquina through the Concelebrated Mass presided by Archbishop Socrates Villegas, D. D.

Attended by nearly thousand, from different walks of life, comes with different stories to tell why they piously loved the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Abandoned. Since it is a high time to celebrate the rights of the crowning of the Virgin Mary, it is also note worthy to take on the question: Why you love Mama OLA? For me, she draws me closer to Jesus Christ. She brought my prayers, my wishes to our Lord. When I am down and no one to turn to, I always asked for her intercession.

And since it is her 10th Canonical Coronation Anniversary, I listed down 10 reasons why loving Mama OLA is loving God too.

1. She is the BRIDGE: Through her, our petitions made possible to reached and heard by God. I remember the time when I am depressed, I always looked upon her and said, Mama OLA, please deliver my prayers to your Son, that He may grant me peace of mind so I can fix the struggles that I am having now.

2. She is the ROOF: Just when you feel lonesome and helpless, she is ready, waiting for the people to be under her roof, safe and will be protected by spaces under her vestments. As it was explained during the Concelebrated Mass by Archbishop Socrates Villegas D.D., Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan. He pointed out that the spaces underneath the lady’s vestment are for those who seeks refuge, to adopt people abandoned by different circumstances.

3. Her HEM serves as a GRIP: Another point that Abp Villegas reiterated, that the laylayan or the hem of the vestment tend to be extended is because it is for the people that wants to reach for her. For the people, who calls her name, and at the brink of their dilemmas, the hem serves as the grip that holds you to be saved and to be back anew on the right track.

4. Her CROWN means Humility: Abp. Villegas asked question during his homily, “Bakit natin kinokoronahan si Maria?” And he explained in straightforward that the coronation rights is not for the lady but for the people. The crown symbolizes humility.  I remember when Jesus Christ crowned with thorns, I believe that this was a sign of humility and His great love to His people. So as to Mary, crowned for the people not for her indulgence. Its a fine line that explains people who have the knowledge, the power, the wealth, even those who are faithfuls, prayerful, but boastful and arrogant does not guarantee anyone that they are sanctiful and pleasing in God’s eyes.

5. She is the TEACHER: Like Jesus, the Divine Teacher of All, Mary is also a teacher of life. She sets an exemplary way of guiding us on life’ critical decisions. When we asked for her intercession, the Virgin Mary readily thought us on how to deal with the problem.

6. She is the LIGHT: In life’s darkest hours, have you thought of Mary? I remember when I am traversing from Masbate to Pilar, Sorsogon, embarked on a fastcraft, there’s a storm coming ahead of us. I silently prayed Hail Mary spontaneously until the storm stops. That was my 20 minute critical moment of my life that I am fully engaged in prayer and was saved by her divine intercession.

7. She is the AID: Mary is the succor, the help in times of illness and emptyness. Through her, she heals people’s heart and soul. She thought me on how to be at low and be humble in such a way that I must not look for grandiose things and asking for more but must look upon on what God has already given me.

8. She is a MELODY: When the choir sungs Himno ng Ina ng Walang Mag-Ampon, it exerts vigor to my soul. It is like her voice echoing and singing from her heart, an ease of worries for me.

9. She is my GUARDIAN: When I am away from my family, and was assigned to a far places, When I am embarked on a plane, on a bus, or on a jeepney, I always pray to look over me, watch me, and protect me from any harm. My two years at my job travelling from different places, even at the bucolic areas, I always call upon her and asked for her protection.

10. And last, she is my MOTHER: Heavenly Queen, Mother of all Nation. Jesus is generous that He gave Mary as our Mother. She feeds me spiritually, she consoles me through her intercession and she cheered for me during my tough times.

And I am forever grateful to  her for everything she had done for my family, relatives, friends, colleagues and for myself despite that many times I failed her, she is my forgiving Mother.

Mama OLA, I love you.
My heart is trembling,
My soul is rejoicing.

Embrace me with your loving arms.
Be with me in times of joy.
Wipe my tears in times of sorrow.

And when the time has come,
Do not leave me, sit beside me.
For my life, is for you.
Together with Jesus Christ.



Viva Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados!

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