Marketing: The Palengkera Course

  After high school graduation, the struggle in choosing a degree is real. Why? Because choosing your degree in college means choosing your career in the future. When I enrolled in college, my first choice is Nursing followed by Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM). That time, I still do not know what’s my desired course. Despite the Career Assessment Exam during high school, I did not based it on the result of the exam. So the struggle is real, your course, your career in the future. Until one day, a short and Harry Potter looking guy told me to choose the Marketing course. I met him at the Office of the Student Affairs in our school and having no idea, he was the Department Head of my sudden chosen course. From that moment, his sales talk works for me. Since then, I bestowed my trust to this course. Though the scarcities of facilities and professors for my course is prevalent that time, it doesn’t serve as hindrance for my hunger in seeking wisdom and advancement in this course . That’s what you call passion.      
      The ever evolving world of marketing demands more from a marketing personnel. I remember that I dubbed our course as Kurso ng mga Palengkera. In a way that you have to put an effort and creativity when it comes to the creation, formulation and promotion of a certain product or service. We all know that when we say the word marketing, one thing that comes to our mind is sales. We cannot deny the fact that sales is the lifeblood of the business and having a great and effective marketing strategies helps the company to achieve its desire which is to profit. In short, there is no sales if there is no marketing.
   If you cannot still grasp what I am saying, just visit your local or public market. Observe how people go on to certain stores and the behavior of the end users. The Public Market is a dwelling place for day-to-day marketing. This is where the execution happens. In marketing, we have the marketing mix which are: the product (tangible or intangible), price, place and promotion. The product in the public market, the price, the public market is the place and the promotion are the vendors and other tactics to sell.
    There is so much in store for Marketing. I will try to post my analysis on the trends that we have right now based on my experiences and observations. For now, this would serve as a primer, an introduction, in my own view of Marketing: The Palengkera Course.


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