Lagalag: Chasing for More!

  I am chasing for more! I always wanted to go on the places I’ve never been. Though I already crossed major thorough fares of Luzon down to Mindanao, the Philippines just got bigger and bigger. Yes! you’ve heard it right, from 7,107 islands, now we are comprised of 7,500! So just imagine how travel frenzies reacted to this news! And I must say, I am one of those partying after hearing that breaking discovery.


Due to my hunger to travel more, I listed my 2016 travel bucket list this year. Coming up with this lists  were extracted  from different factors I considered:

1. It must be UNIQUE- the veracity of a particular destination that offers something: historical, artistic, eco-friendly.

2. Fun and full of ADVENTURE- Trekking and mountain hiking is a mainstream nowadays but it is also a good one to start out for seeking a thrill. I want to do cliff jumping, canyoneering, snorkeling, rapelling and more thrill-seeking adventure type of travel.

3. Being in the LOOP- being in a crowd, in a circle. Getting to know more of people’s culture and their lifestyle. That is more of a personal attachment, a connection.

So here is my 2016 Travel Bucketlist!

1. Zambales: Magalawa Island, Capones Island
2. Cagayan Valley: Palaui Island
3. Bataan: Bagac, Corregidor Island
4. Baler, Aurora
5. Laguna: Paete, Nagcarlan
6. Sorsogon: Donsol Pink Sand Beach
7. Camarines Sur: Hanawan
8. Samar: Kalanggaman, Marabut, Mariripi
9. Quirino: Nagtipunan
10. Batangas: Fortune Island

     I did not include my booked flights and travels since I have already visited those places like CDO, Bukidnon and Camiguin, but I have a mission there and you will find out soon.
   So what’s your travel bucketlist this year? Planning to have a travel bucket list this 2016 is not yet over, in fact, we are just getting started! Happy travelling and seize every moment!


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