I Love the Lord

  I love sunset. For this is a time were the sun retreats and the moon rises. For me, the sun is like us, and the moon is the Lord. When we are awaken, like the sun who is rising from the east, the moon (God) receded from the west.
   For everyday, we are given the opportunity to do better than yesterday. The sun provides us enough light to see, to do everything we have to accomplish. And after the day, the moon give us another great opportunity to take rest- to reflect, to discern and to contemplate. The night is dark, a time wherein we are about to sleep, to recharge and to have a quality time for ourselves. In the night, when the light is off, I always think what I have accomplished for today and what to look forward to. It also give me a sense of how wonderful God is. I ponder on His great work everyday. From His simple act of kindness until to His greatest blessings graces upon me.
   One thing I will missed if one day, I will succumb on this earth, that is, when I am attending the evening mass at our parish. The time is perfect for the sunset dusk. For me, it is the perfect time to reflect and to give praise and thanks to the Lord. When I am attending the six o’clock evening mass, I can feel the solemnity, I can feel His presence that I am alone with God and He is talking to me through prayers. When I am in trouble, in doubts, or feel hopeless, He is the only one I run in to. And I don’t want to miss that day. The sunset, is a very rare opportunity, that is, resting with God.


love the Lord, He’s filled with compassion;
He turned to me, on the day that I called.

From the snares of the dark;
O, Lord save my life, be my strength.


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