Believe, Pray and Wait

Peter and some other disciples went out fishing one night. Although they had been fishing for a long time, they caught nothing and decided to go back to shore. Upon their return a man on the shore called out to them and advised them to cast their nets on the other side of their boat. After doing so, the disciples caught so many fish they couldn’t pull the net back into the boat with their catch.

It was this point that a disciple, who is unnamed in the Bible account, recognized that the man by the shore looked familiar. It was only then Peter recognized his friend and so rushed to shore to meet Him.

We, sometimes feel that there is something that is missing from us. The feeling of why me? How will I do that? How can I surpass this ordeal? Questions that stumble upon to our daily lives.

This week for me, brought out many follow ups and follow through questions. When will it be? Is it possible on this week? Then when shall I commenced? There is a feeling of unsureity. Why God makes it hanging for me?

Then I realized, maybe God, is doing even greater than what I am expecting. Maybe, God is just putting a finishing touches on His plan to me. Whatever it maybe, I will depend on the promise of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord. I should never hurry His plan, I must deep heartedly trust in His own time.


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