Be Stubbornly Inlove: Following the True Voice of God

I cannot stop writing my admiration to the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola. When he wants it, he gets. But Iñigo  (St.Ignatius of Loyola) is different, unique and incredibly stubborn as described by his brother Mario. The tenacity of Iñigo to search for the true voice of God requires him to feel the pain and misery. One thing I will never forget about his life is that, his desire to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ. He dressed like beggar in Manresa, he shares what he has, and willing to give everything to the needy. Nowadays, when we see a beggar on the streets, how we would usually react? When they usually asked for alms, how do we respond? I, most of the time caught myself ignoring these people. For the reason of I cannot validate whether they are true beggars or just doing it for taking advantage. But for Iñigo, the true love is in the people that is suffering from afflictions, starvation, illness, people who are experiencing anxieties, conflicts and many more.

  His love, for God is undeniably extreme. The way he prays, the spiritual exercises and his discernment is unconventional. One thing that Iñigo’s remarkable lessons in life is that, in order to feel the presence of the Lord, Imagine God in the middle of undesirable situations. Imagine God is with the street childrens, imagine God that He is with the migrants amidst the conflict zone, imagine God is in the landfill, scouring for food to eat, or an old man seating at the footbridge beside God.

   I will never forget my experience when I attended the Grand Eucharistic Adoration last year of 2015. There was a part of the adoration werein there are mantles that leads to the monstrance. We got near to the mantle and kneeled and we offered prayers. During those times, I feel the presence of God. I feel that I am actually touching his white wardrobe. I feel that He is with me that time. I cannot stop crying and telling all my sad stories, my ordeals to Him, problems and unending questions of why? But He only gave me silence. He only gave me blank air. That moment, I realized that God want me to stop. To stop from overthinking, for worrying, and just feel His presence. God is with me that time. God consoles me, God hears me. And when the time comes, slowly withdrawing my hands to the mantle, I have this assurance that God will never allow me to be alone in this battle. That He is with me no matter what. I just have to keep my faith to Him.This encounter I can say is similar to what St.Ignatius has taught. 

  And finally, when you are given the opportunity to talk to God, when He is in front of you, what would you say to Him? Would you be mesmerized? Would you be like St.Ignatius who will turn over all that he has? St. Ignatius is challenging us today: What is the meaning of your life? For him, the meaning of life is love. And when you are inlove, you will follow the voice of your true love. Love is tragic, love is painful, love, is simply listening, love is to obey. 



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