When God Intervenes

I am at the verge of chasing another dream. That dream right now is clouded with questions, questions on how will I get there. Having known my capacities and capabilities to do it, it would take some time to fulfill it. But everytime I think of it, God intervenes. 
When I loose the sense of His calling- to draw closer to Him, He immediately interjects into my thoughts. God sees me as a man who are dreamy and starting to weave all of these dreams. But God reminded me not to forget Him. Few weeks I am stalking a facebook account of a flight attendant. I have this kind of admiration to him. One thing that left me in questioning my self in building my dreams is that, is my family included in those dreams? The guy I have an admiration has his big heart to his family. Of course, I want my family to be part of my dream but I am cautious on that matter. Slowly but surely, with God’s intervention, I know I can do it, one step at a time. 

Despite having the world at your back, one thing that I am attracted for is the simplicity and values that shaped you as an individual. I recognized it to him, despite his career, despite their social status, yet, he is humble and simple. I am dreaming that one day, I can take my parents out for lunch or a simple dinner with them. 

For now, I will start weaving my dreams, with God, and my family, as part of my blue prints to my life. 
And to cap it all, there is a song that serves as a reminder to myself (I love the Lord) that I must put God in everything. Let God intervene. 


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