How Big is your Faith?

“Do not be afraid, just have faith.”

I remember this line  from a noon time show  contestant when asked how she juggle her problems when it comes to family and school? She said this line: “Do not be afraid, just have faith.” 

Faith is an intricate stamina. Faith is something that requires zealousness, enocuragement and deep connection. How can we quantify our faith? Or should we say  how big is our faith? 

In the gospel reading today (Lk 17 :5-10), the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith. Jesus replied: “if your faith is like the size of a mustard seed, that can order the mulberry tree to transfer elsewhere, that is faith.”Jesus did not quantify what should be the size of their faith, instead, as long as you have deeper connection, zealousness and encouragement, faith works.

I admire those people who has this passion to share their time to do charity works even at their own expense. I wonder how come that they find it interesting, insteas of going out with friends,and do shopping, travel and bonding. How deep is their devotion to this unpaid jobs? Feeding the street childrens and the abandoned, building houses for the homeless, sharing their time with the elders throughout the afternoon and many activities that in return, even a single centavo won’t earned by doing these stuffs. The answer is very simple, faith.

 Faith is love, and to love means to serve, and to serve is to share. Faith is doing something good and expect nothing in return. 

Last week, the nation were shocked by the sudden death of former Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. She was peacefully succumbed while asleep on thursday, September 29. She was a good example of how faith works. She devoted her life serving the Filipino people truthful and transparent. 

How big is our faith? No matter how big or small, as long as you have faith to Him, it will bloom fruitfully. 



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