Gratitude from the Heart


“Maraming beses, kapag ako ay sumasakay ng jeep at makikisuyo ng aking bayad, lagi kong pinapasalamatan ang mga nag-aabot ng aking bayad sa driver. Ganoon din naman minsan ang ibang pasahero kapag sila naman ang nakikisuyo. Minsan, kapag ginagabi na ako ng uwi, halos wala ng jeep na masakyan pauwi sa amin. Ngunit, minsan bumubulong ako: “Lord, sana may jeep na dumaan pa-Calumpang, mga ilang minuto lang, ayan at may dumarating na. Sabay bulong sa sarili: “Thank you Lord!” ng may ngiti sa labi 😊”


Have you encountered God in a simple gestures? In what way you present your gratitude to Him? Gratitude is an act of faith, that springs from encountering God. That gratitude comes from the heart. Gratitude is the living testimony of God’s love. 


Last week, my grandmother went for a cataract operation. Deep in my heart, when I attended the Sunday Mass last week, I whispered to God, to help her ease the pain, and for the speedy recovery. When she went back home, I asked her:” Nakakakita na ba kayo?” nakaka-aninag na ba kayo?” then she replied:” Unti- unti, basta ipagpatuloy n’ya lang ang pagpatak ng gamot sa mata n’ya”. Same last week, my sister was hospitalized due to skin allergies. Then I offered a prayer for her. I asked God to ease her pain and asked for immediate recovery. Now, my sister is out of the hospital and ready to go back home in Teresa. 


Slowly but surely, God fulfilled my petitions. Slowly but surely, God, once again showed Himself. God cannot neglect us, He can’t even deny His mercy to us. Because God loves us so much.


And finally, a story of a Priest who went from a mission in a sanitary landfill. They brought trucks of water that will be use for bathing for the children. Then after cleaning themselves, they went to mass and right after, they gather for a little banquet. During the banquet, a two filty and dirty children showed up beside the priest at the dining table, asking: “Father, may pagkain pa po ba? Pwede po bang makahingi?” then the Priest scoured for the remaining food only to find out that there were too small food to share, humbly the Priest told them:” Okay lang ba? Ito na lang kasi ang natira.” Then the two children said to him:” Okay lang po Father” and they shared the little food and eat it. After  that, the two approached the Priest and they told him: “Father, thank you po, pasabi po kay Jesus, maraming salamat po.” 
Sila man ay madungis, puso naman nila ay malinis.

Lord, thank You for the gift of today. Thank You for the gift of life. And, thank You for the gift of love.



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