Persistent in Prayer

It is my daily grind, when going to work, the hustle of getting a ride and the horrendous traffic. Everyday, people are battling the same situation I am wading. The noise of the vehicles, people rushing to get-in to the jeepney, the gridlock-like of the people at the side walk waving for a ride, waiting fo a ride. Despite all of these, one day, I noticed a woman, carrying her rosary, solemnly praying. In the silence, having known the noise around her, she persistently praying.
How much time we alloted for praying? How deep is our faith when praying? Oftentimes, we pray for our very sake, with conditions, with timeline, with our very own framework. How often do we pray? When we needed something, we only pray. Prayer is deep rooted in faith. When we are deeply praying, our faith is rooted from the heart, in communion with God. 
When we pray, we also listen to God. Praying persistently, without any conditions, rooted with deep faith, God speaks and God works. When a woman who persistently asking the explicit judge who never respected human nor believe in God, he decided on the case of the woman who is persistent to him. That is persistent in mission. 
There’s a couple praying in the chapel of the hospital, in solidarity, they are persistently praying for their daughter’s speedy recovery. A Priest saw this couple and asked them, what they are praying for? Then they said, they pray for their daughter’s speedy recovery due to cancer. Then the Priest received an SMS from a Nurse, saying: ” Father, may ipa-pabless po kami, may namatay pong patient dito and her name is…” the Priest were startled, the patient is the daughter of the couple whom he talked to. “Ano ang gagawin ko?” Lord, ano ang mensahe mo?”
Together with the patient’s parent, they went into the room of the deceased. The Father requested for the last time, “Father, before you blessed her, let me hugged her for the last time.” and the Father hugged her daughter and he uttered:” Lord, thank You for giving us this gift (daughter), now, we are ready to give back what You have given us.”
“Prayer consists not in thinking much but in loving much”   — St. Teresa of Avila 
“In the silence of the heart, God speaks. If you face God in prayer and silence, God will speak to you.”             — St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta 


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