Greatest Encounter

How grateful and exciting to witness your favorite singer performing in front of you and to the rest of the crowd, serenading everyone with his charming voice and for some reason, his looks, that everyone is clamouring for- a poster that says: “I love you Charlie Puth! Please marry me!”

In my case, when Pope Francis visited the Philippines last year, I, personally had my greatest encounter of my life, to see him personally, from not too far distance; a rare glimpse of the Pontiff, waving into the sea of catholic faithfuls.

If someone will ask you:” What is your greatest encounter?” It could be anything else; conquering fear, a clinch or an elevation to your career, or when you marry your better half. Does, for every encounter we had, we put our faith in placed. Faith that we confidently trust to someone, faith that our hearts are open, ready to fall, ready to surrender.

If we are to encounter God, what will you do? What are the preparations you will do? Or what if, one day, God will visit your community, will He excite you? In many ways, God reveals Himself to us, in many ways. Through His grace, every day- the sunrise and the sunset, the air, the stars and many more. Through His blessings- waking up every morning and when we retire to bed every evening. And, through His love- recovery from sickness, the food we eat everyday, the family and friends that we have today and more.

Let us emulate Zaccheus for his tenacity to see the face of Jesus. And let Jesus hear our clamour:

“I love You Jesus, Please stay with Me.”



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