May Forever kay Lord!

Yesterday, I attended the 3rd Regional Vocation Festival that was held in the Diocese of Caloocan. The atmosphere was inviting, there were priests, nuns, seminarians, missionaries and aspirants to be one of them. And to end the said gathering,  a mass was held and led by Bishop Pablo David. During his homily, he asked straight forward question: 
“Meron bang forever?” 
It was debated, argued many years ago, and that time, Jesus Christ made them as an arbiter, laid this question: “Meron nga bang forever?”
And what was the answer gave by Jesus Christ? He said: “Yes, mayroong forever.” 
There is life after death, an eternal and heavenly life with God. 
St. Therese of Child Jesus, after reading the Chapter 12 of Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, she asked God: “Lord, you said that we have each representation of the parts of your Body,  what part of your Body I represent?” She got her answer through prayers. God told her, it is My Heart.” Then she fully understand what does it means, to regenerate. It is in the heart that understands, it is in the heart that pumps to continue to live, the heart that regenerates. 
I remember the moment when my grand mother was in critical condition, that night, when she was fighting for her life, I asked God, what am I going to do? To save her life? Then I asked my mother, to pray. We went to adoration chapel, I whispered to Him, Lord, may Your wisdom thy will be done. And on the wee hours of that evening, I received God’s answer. My grandmother peacefully succumbed. 
Let us surrender not to our own understanding but in God’s wisdom.


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