To be Happy Means…

I always like walking in the rain as no one see me crying.

When you think of a happy thoughts, out of nowhere, it makes you feel better, and often caught yourself smiling. I myself has all the means to it- when I am at the jeepney heading to my work, when I think of a happy thoughts, or a funny experiences, it put smile on my face, secretly laughing. I was moved by the video showing Ellen Degeneres trying to hold her tears as she is receiving Civiliam Awards given by outgoing President Obama. I am moved by this scenario. If we could just imagine how will it be, the world without laughter, a world without happiness, a world without just like Ellen, a happy and a symbol of  what being happy means.

When a comedian cries, I am deeply affected. Maybe because this is unusual to see someone who makes us laugh and putting away our stress by making funny jokes, comic act once shed tears. It is unusual. But I came to a conclusion that being happy means giving you the best laugh you could ever have. Ellen Degeneres is a symbol of someone who go into divisions. Where in this world, when everyone is struggling to justify oneself whether it is good or bad for many, she raised up from her chair and let the floor wave as she dances. Life, is indeed a dance floor, you just have to take it one at a time. Just like Ellen, I could not stop talking about her. How I wish I could hug her that moment when she is crying. 

For me, one of the greatest movie of all time, it is where Robin Williams gave meaning to the word happiness through differences, and that is Patch Adams. I could not recall exactly how the story went but I am certainly sure, how significant Robin Williams as Patch Adams overriding people’s hopeless case in life into cherishing life’s precious moments. I am deeply moved by this story. 
Being happy means that it must affect people, turning them into more contented and having an optimistic outlook in life. Being happy means spreding the laughter through stories. The laughter that turns away negativities. And being happy means, you are ready to accept the things that would turn you into a robust and full of hope and love in life.

Live life to the fullest. 


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