Advent Rush

It is the time of the year were everyone is cramming to buy gifts, may it be a new clothes, a gadget, or a car that can satisfy one’s want or need. It is also the time of the year when the traffic is seem to be detrimental. Everyone is looking forward to this season. But there is a question that is prevailing this season: Is it for the Coming of Jesus Christ?

In today’s reading, St. John the Baptist reminds us that we must repent and reformed the way Jesus wants. If we are truly reformed, it must be seen through our actions. Remember the saying, Action speaks louder than words? It must be the perfect theme for today’s reading. St. John the Baptist is the forerunner of Jesus Christ, he prepares for the coming of our Savior. 

St. John the Baptist also reminds us that we must not like the Pharisees that comes to his end and ask to baptized knowing that they are the brood of vipers. It is in the midst of division that St. John the Baptist challenges those who are elite that they must help the poor.

If St. John the Baptist is here infront of us, and will ask the same question: What are your preparations for the coming of Jesus Christ? 

Today, as we are preparing for the Nativity of Jesus Christ, let us examine ourselves; let us bear fruit that is beneficial to everyone not just a tree that is barren and fruitless, and let us repent and reform. 



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