The Greatest Christmas Robbery

Gaudete in Domino semper

Rejoice in the Lord always, as we are entering the third week of Advent. Today, the pink candle in the wreath will be lit. The gospel today speaks of rejoice- to the coming of the Lord. The church is preparing for the first coming. Everyone in the Catholic Church is attuned in the coming of the nativity of our Lord. Same as our Mother Church, we are busy for the coming of Christmas. We are in the midst of preparing party details, on what gifts should I buy, what to wear on the day of the party, and so on, so forth. 

On this yuletide season, consumerism is at this peak; shopping spree, Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, Keso de Bola, fruit cakes, money, gifts to share and gifts to receive, 13th month, bonuses. Everything seems busy at this time of the year. The essence of Christmas looses when the culprit of the season enters, this is the greatest robbery of the season- where everyone falls into the trap. 

  To rejoice this season is to know the reason to rejoice. It is not about the bonuses, it is not about the shopping spree, and definitely not about Santa Claus. Its all about the coming of  Jesus Christ.  Let us rejoice this season full of prayers and hope as we are to embrace the advent of our Lord.


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