Holy Darkness

There’s a beauty in darkness. The hue that covers the night triggers memories- both happy and sad one.And tonight, I remember my grandmother. Its been a year and a half when she succumbed, but still, the wonderful memories lives on in my heart. Her hearfelt care, her equal attention to us, her suffering, her sacrifices, all I can remember right now. I know she’s up in heaven, watching us from above. 

I think, at this very moment, the Holy Spirit visited me. Asking how am I doing? I searched catholic songs from Youtube and enjoying the beauty, the meaning of the song. Those melody, releases my stress, my anxiety, and replacing it with comfort. I feel the very essence of the song through the darkness of my room. I recounted the day when Jesus was buried in a catacomb, when He prays in the Garden of Gethsemane, those places are covered in darkness. I think God is comfortable being in silence, in the atmosphere of hue, praying to the Lord. 

I love You Lord, for visiting me at this wee hours of the night. Amen.


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