Nanay Ciata of Buso-Buso

It was hidden away from the buzzling crowd of metropolis.  An hour ride if you are coming from Marikina, Buso- Buso Church is a landmark that you shouldn’t want to miss if you are touring the rich history and culture of Rizal.  

Nested in the footsteps of Sierra Madre terrain,  the Buso-Buso Church or the Nuestra Senora dela Anunciata is a must see for church hoppers and history lovers.

Buso-Buso Church was believed to be in the second novel of Jose Rizal ( El Filibusterismo).  It was built by the Jesuits in 1700 and standing still amidst catastrophe of the past.  Devotees were able to restore the historical feats of the edifice.  You can noticeably recognize the restoration made by looking at the walls.

But there is one mystery that surrounds the church and everyone is eager to know of the whereabouts of the original image of  Nanay Ciata (fondly called by the locals).  

There were three Cofradias in the church and they brought their image of the lady everytime they are having an activity to the church.  Among the three cofradias,  there is a possibility that one of them possesses the original image but that’s another angle to look for in searching for the genuine image. 

Every second Sunday of March is declared the Feast of the Lady in this Sitio.  If you bound to travel along Marilaque Highway,  make sure to have a quick side trip to this church. 


2 thoughts on “Nanay Ciata of Buso-Buso

  1. every second sunday of march is the feast.

  2. Hi Wilson. Thank you for the correction. I already edited the feast schedule.

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