Life Strikes: It’s Early 30’s and All of What You are Thinking Right Now

It’s been years since you graduated from college. Like everyone else, right now, you are busy- work, family, friends, all were important to you. You woke up everyday trying to ponder the meaning and purpose of life- You work eight to nine hours a day, fourty plus hours a  week, you are trying to define what is life for you. But you have this kind of hobbies, addiction, or you fondly called “stress relievers.”you love to hang out with friends, you opt to go home late and savor the wee hours of the night. You also have the long lists of your travel goals, you love to eat, life, for you, is somehow a fashion statement, you love to impress people and expecting to love and like you back. Life, for you is defined by this: ” You  Only  Live  Once”

The early years of life in a corporate world spooned you the luxuries of living, on how life must be- to seek fun, fun and lots of fun! But as we age, and as the world rotates, our priorities changes. You are at the early 30’s and starting to imagine a life where you can have a family, a life building your dream, a house of your own, a life of preparation to more mature years. When you open your facebook and saw your friend, having his car, having his own house, you feel the animosity growing inside you. You tend to compare your life to your friends, or your batchmates. You feel like you were left alone. The struggle is starting to build up on you.

Life at early 30’s is more of a decision-making- preparing for the real world. You are now more sensitive to your financials, you are aware of what rest really is-to be at the couch sleeping all day during weekends, at this point, you opt to stay and bond with your family, you are at peace when you are alone and starting to appreciate life backwards, the memories and the lessons of the past. You are slowly gearing into the real life. 

Life’s like that- everyone at this age is starting to catch the real score, the true values of life-to be more loving and to be equipped with deep understanding. But what is important in life is that, you should never compare, never envy and trust in your own capacity. You don’t need to impress and please everyone, you are different and genuine in your own way. Life means to live and to learn. You must take it slowly but surely. So take it easy. 


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