Doubts and Wounds

It was a year ago when I said it to myself that Jesus revealed Himself through people around me. That time, when I have the feeling of backing-off from what I went through, Jesus, the Risen Lord showed His Divine Mercy, that in order to fulfill our needs, our wants, we must have faith in Him. 
It was another day in my work when I said it to myself that I am at the verge of quitting, I don’t feel the sense of belongingness to the situation, I don’t want it anymore- I do not see myself staying for good here. That moment,  my faith was shaken, my confidence was about to retreat. But that very moment, Jesus revealed Himself to a person, a person who has a disability.  He had his finger sticking to each other, his face seemed not in the normal shape, his lips is too small- yes, he had this disability. I asked him to show his hands to me, then he open his hands, seeing those sticking fingers to each other. That time, I was awakened, I was disturbed- Jesus is with Him.  
Despite his disability, he was able to accomplished tasks.  That is the wounds that enabled him to see, Jesus’ Divine Mercy. The wounds that reminded me, Jesus is with us, through the people around us.  He revealed Himself during our most tough times. It is when our faith is shaken, it is when our doubts are greater that our faith, Jesus shows His Divine Mercy, that makes us come back to Him.  
Today,  many of us can relate to Apostle Thomas, we have pile of doubts, is Jesus alive? Is Jesus dwells among us? We have so many doubts that leads us to require ourselves to see it, to touch it, physically. But, its the wounds that lead us to believe in the things we do not see. 
 Going back to my story, after that encounter,  I have this realization that I am blessed the moment Jesus revealed Himself to me, He showed Himself through the wounds of a person. And until now, I am still grateful to retold this story, how blessed I am to touch the wounds that erases my doubts. 
#DivineMercy #DoubtingThomas


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