Emmaus Moments

Its a long weekend and my friends decided to embark on a trip up north, to the gem of the Mountain Province-Sagada. Everyone was excited- from food crawling to strolling around the place. It was one of my trip that is worth remembering because of our ‘unexpected’ experience that will surely treasure in our hearts. Sagada is indeed, a place of many surprises. 

On our first day, our group decided to avail a tour to the place and we availed the Echo Valley Trail, a walking trail. Sounds great for the first time when we heard of the walking trail where we can witness the grandeur of Sagada’s feats and knowing that it can be reach through walking. 

First, we paid a visit to Mary’s Church, an Anglican Church then followed by the famous Sagada Hanging Coffins. It was quite hard to get into that place since the way to get there is stif and narrow. After that, we continue our journey to the unnamed caves, the trail going from places to places were quite difficult. We were  echoing our frustrations, thought of ‘walking’ trail not doing some trekking, a bit of hiking and spelunking, yes, there was a part of the trail where you have to do spelunking. And as we go along the trail, some of us have their frustrations, disappointments, is it real? Do we have to do this? Im tired, I want to quit, I can’t finish this trail and the sun is starting show its full force-the after lunch heat is on. 
But we made it to the end-we finally finished the echo valley trail! And as a reward, we had our water and soda break in a house uphill the mountain. And as we take a rest, we recognized how farther we conquered-the trails. That moment, I realized that what was happened to us has somewhat happened to me from my previous trip to Camiguin when me and my friends went trekking to the Mt. Vulcan without further notice from our tour guide that we will do some sort of trekking as we go along to the station of the cross. 

Those frustrations, is simply a human and ordinary disappointments. It is prevailing into our present conditions, when we are bored, when we have physical illnesses, when we are dealing with problems, those frustrations, we asked God for liberations. But God, simply reveal Himself through the people who walks with us. He drew Himself in a simplest form- an ordinary man. Along the echo valley trail, some of our friends we’re saying words of encouragements- “we can do it!, we can finish it!”

And you will realized, in the end, those hardships and frustrations has its purpose- a picturesque view of the mountain. The breath taking view of the Sagada mountain. In life, we also shared the same sentiments- what is the purpose of our life? What is the purpose of God? And as we walk into this earth, we met someone that reminded us of how we envisioned life. That may we not loose the sight of goodness of God, that we must recognized that everything happens for a reason, for a purpose. 

From ordinary frustrations, may we find its purpose and its reason, our hope, and light- that Jesus Christ is with us, walking with us. 


2 thoughts on “Emmaus Moments

  1. brokeithbuenaventura May 7, 2017 — 12:13 am

    God meets us where we are. It doesn’t matter who we think we are, or what we are going through, or how far we feel from him. God constantly goes out to meet us where we are.
    Thanks for this blog. Very nice reflection. Keep it up! AMDG

    1. Thanks Keith! I will continue to write stories and reflections for the glory of God. Maraming Salamat 🙂

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