Paradise in the Midst: Buntod Reef Sanctuary and Sand Bar

Mangroves at Buntod Sand Bar
It was my second time in Masbate and there’s nothing to be excited about when it reached to my attention that I will visit again the rustic place. But all the worst experiences I’ve been before were replaced by the excitement of going into their pristine beaches, the idyllic islets and sand bar. I guess, this time, the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines wants to erase all those bad memories. And to begin with, the province greeted me from afar- this majestic sand bar.

Aerial View: Buntod Sand Bar


Sun soaked land: It was humid that day when we visited Buntod Sand Bar.

The name of the sand bar is the Buntod Reef Sanctuary and Sand Bar. According to my research, this is the 2nd most resilient reef sanctuary of the country with 20 hectares of core zone and 100 hectares of buffer zone.


It is also home for mangroves and its rare to see one in the midst of this kind of geological formation.



Island Finds


Walking freely in the middle of the sea! 
An environmental fee of P 20.00 is not that expensive to this kind of view.

Magic Hour: Sunset

Chasing Sunset at Buntod Sand Bar

Going to this place is not quite expensive. A group of five (5) per boat would cost P 500.00 and that is P 100.00 per head. That’s all for me now. Watch out for my next blog as I explore the not-so-hidden gems of Catanduanes.


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