Food Haven of the North: Sagada

Strawberry and Granola Yogurt
Wanna try a distinct taste of Sagada? their freshest organic vegetables, their sweet tooth on cakes, breads and taste bud adventure- Sagada is the place to be. From their famous “etag”, Sagada’s version of smoked bacon to their mouth watering lemon pie, the uphill place attracts foodies to visit and taste their very own gastronomical marvels.

First stop, if you are a fan of Greek yogurt, then this is for you. The famous Yoghurt House offers distinct taste of Greek yogurt bowl in the town.


A bowl of yoghurt costs around P120- 150.00. You must also try their other offerings like this picture shown above.

Mixed organic vegetables with red rice and a bowl of fresh mixed fruits.

Breakfast Sausage with eggs and red rice.
An order of their platter meal would cost you P150-200.oo, not bad for their servings is much generous.

Breakfast Omelette
Second stop, Masferre Inn and Cafe.


Their pretzel bread is a must try.

Pretzel Bread

Masferre’s Sausage and Egg 
Third, Caja’s cupcakes. What’s unique with their cupcakes is that they have different blends of flavors like red wine and bugnay cupcakes. We stumbled upon this cafe when we are bound to our inn after  three hour strolling-trekking-mini hiking-and-spelunking tour.


Our fourth stop, the Strawberry Cafe. What I ordered their is baked chicken with mixed vegetables. I was quite disappointed with my order since I was expecting a ‘baked’ chicken glazed with buttered and creamy sauce.


And for our drink, we ordered Fresh Strawberry and Mango shake.


There is so much to discover and eat at Sagada. My friends and I tried their local market’s halo-halo and theirs are unique due to their macaroni as one of their ingredients (fruits are the main ingredients of their halo-halo). If you want to soothe your body, try Mahalu Helu, a massage center in Sagada that offers free lemon grass tea while waiting for your turn to be massaged. Others we tried the lemon pie in a local diner (70’s Diner), Slab House’ mixed vegetables, Masfere’s mocha cake and local market’s wheat bread.



1 thought on “Food Haven of the North: Sagada

  1. This is awesome! Will definitely keep these in mind for our Sagada trip. Thanks for sharing and more power to your food adventures.

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